Hey lovelies,
Kashay here and it's so very nice to meet you! I am the SheEO of HER BY KASHAY! Financial accountant by trade, married with children, and currently living in "Cream City", Wisconsin! Guess what?! I am a TRUE LEO...creative, with a flair for expect over the top moments, here and there!
Over time, I’ve learned that as women, we're often told that we're not good enough. And as a black woman, we're also told that we don't belong! So why I created HER BY KASHAY!! Because NO ONE has the right to determine your worth!
No matter your shape, size or color...YOU ARE W(HER)THY of whatever your heart desires! So, I made the decision to emphasize HER in every single product to remind you of that, and hopefully, it’ll help jumpstart the habit of acknowledging it as well!