What Makes a Great Candle?

We all know that quality candles add more character to a room, a table setting, an event, etc. If you asked a group of people, "What makes a great candle?", it would evoke a wide range of answers. Nevertheless, for professional candle makers, handcrafting candles provides an opportunity to create a unique look and personality for each one individually! So, for us, the difference between what makes a candle good and what makes a candle great would lie in five different categories. With that being said, let's discuss how to spot a high-quality candle vs. a mass-produced candle!


The wax is the foundation of the candle because it affects the way it burns & the way it smells! It's literally what holds the candle together, so there shouldn't be any skimping in this area! There are many different waxes & premium wax blends, however soy, paraffin, and beeswax are the most common wax being used today. At Her by Kashay, we use a very unique, vegan blend of natural apricot & coconut! Our candles also include a minuscule amount of paraffin wax, to enhance the performance and provide and excellent hot throw (scent when lit). Scientific studies have proven paraffin wax to burn just as cleanly as soy, beeswax, or palm. And the highly refined food-grade nature of our paraffin puts it in the natural category, according to Wooden Wick Co. Click here to read the study.

2. A GOOD Wick

Whether a cotton wick or a wooden wick, the size is incredibly important because the wick is what pulls the liquid wax up for the flame to burn. The size of your wick is primarily based on the opening diameter of your HEAT PROOF container, then other factors come into play during the testing phase (which happens prior to retail)! Choosing the wrong wick can cause: your candle to tunnel (when a full melt pool cannot be reached, a “tunnel” is formed - Usually occurs when the wick is too small); it will have an inconsistent flame size; the flame will extinguish prematurely; the candle will burn too fast, etc. With the correct wick size + proper candle care, there will be longer candle life. At Her by Kashay, we use all natural wood wicks that provide a soft crackling sound when lit! Our wick size matches perfectly with our vessel diameter to produce a clean burn that is smoke / soot free + a strong flame while providing a great flicker that is mesmerizing!

3. QUALITY Fragrance or Essential Oils

Candles have a huge impact on our senses. The smell sensations not only help us label certain smells, but it has the power to dive deep in the brain causing it to trigger emotions, memory retention and unlock our subconscious mind without being asked to! It's an automatic response. Paired with the finest ingredients that are free from harmful substances, a great candle will provide that and more! At Her by Kashay, we use luxurious + high quality fragrances & essential oils to provide a SCENTsory experience every time you light it! Our mouth watering scents are long lasting and linger throughout the space it's burned in...sometimes pushing well beyond that!

4. HEAT PROOF Container

Candle safety is a big deal, so it's only right that the candle vessel be included. Without all the necessary safety precautions, many fire hazards and burn situations can occur. A quality candle will be housed in a HEAT PROOF container that, while the candle's burned, it will NOT scold your hands when touched. At Her by Kashay, we've selected candle vessels that are durable and made for candle making specifically + aren't prone to cracking or burning when lit. We've gone the extra mile to ensure that once you're done burning your candle you can easily clean it out and use it as a planters pot by planting the seed-infused dust cover, that it comes with, to plant your own wildflowers.

5. Finding the BALANCE

It's pointless to have a clean wax, like our Coco Apricot Crème wax, if it's paired with the incorrect wick, and creating that SCENTsory experience won't be worthwhile if your safety is compromised. In a nutshell, a great candle does not pride itself in just one or two if its good qualities. It comes together collectively to create an overall quality candle! And that's exactly what Her by Kashay is here to do, combine all four qualities together, plus a few extras, to give you the best candle experience!

Sidenote: Like a great candle, NEVER settle for anything less than the best! Be patient with yourself, your self-love journey, and you'll eventually find your way!


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