Top + Middle + Base Notes = Candle Components

Are you familiar with scent components of a candle?

Well, a candle is typically broken down into three separate notes: top, middle & base...I know...let us explain!

First up: TOP NOTES

Top Notes are the leading scents that you get immediately upon smelling the candle. Open the lid...sniff...close the lid...It’s the first impression and often considered the most important scent! Well, it could ultimately determine if you want to purchase/burn/gift or keep etc. the candle! Because it’s the first most powerful scent that you smell, it evaporates the fastest!


These are considered to be the heart or the body of the candle. A slightly deeper, more complex scent profile which appears once the top note has evaporated. Yes, it’s meant to mask the top note which may have been a bit much for you!


Everyone has the one friend who’s known as the peace maker...that is what the base notes are, the peacemaker! Gradually appearing once the middle note fades, it shows up to bring harmony and piece all of the notes together! Ultimately, creating the scents we’ve come to enjoy!

Who would’ve guessed that the science of candles could be so intricate! We are here to tell you, they are! You can experience each of Her components when you experience Her candles.

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