It's the Candle Making for Me!

I absolutely love creating candles! I enjoy burning them, as well, while sipping a glass of wine and reading a good book!

Over time, I've gotten many questions asking if candle making is difficult. My answer is, it can be. Proper preparation, an open mind and patience will make for a smoother process, plus with practice, it'll get easier! 

If you're considering candle making, here are a few things you need to know before getting started!


1. WAX - there are many types of wax to choose from. Try them all and find the one that works best for you!

2. FRAGRANCE OILS(FO) or essential oils if you like a challenge - Like wax, there are hundreds of fragrance oils to choose from. Candle making requires fragrance oils specifically for candle making, as this can be extremely hazardous. 

3. WICKS - Listen, this is where things start to get tricky because (as my fellow candle makers say), "all wicks were NOT created equal!" Wicks should be purchased according to wax type, vessel size, fragrance oil load, etc. "Wick guides" are available help with this from your candle supply vendor. Follow it, then tweak as necessary during the candle testing phase. 

Photo Credit: Pro Candle Supply
Photo Credit: Pro Candle Supply

4. VESSELS or MOLDS- vessels need to be heat proof so that they're able to withstand the heat from your candle creation; The molds need to be able to withstand heat from hot wax.

5. THERMOMETER - to take temperature of wax though its many phases, from beginning to end.

6. SCALE - to measure wax and fragrance oils 

7. POURING POT- heat proof of course, to melt your wax in.

8. PROTECTIVE GEARgloves, to protect skin from fragrance oils and also to keep things sanitary all around. Oven mitt, so you don't burn yourself because you're working with hot pouring pot. If you want to take it a step further, safety glasses, to protect your eyes from wax and fragrance oil splashes, etc.


Measure and monitor your fragrance oil AND your temperature measurements (also known as thermometry).

1. Using too much fragrance oil can clog your wick. This will cause your candle to burn improperly and or create a fire hazard. Adding too little fragrance oil could leave your candle scentless. The amount of fragrance oil will depend on your wax type and how much wax is being used. One (1) ounce of FO for every 16 ounces (1lb) of wax is good starting ratio, however, refer to your recommendations found on the wax's Safety Data Sheet (ask wax supplier for more details).

2. Thermometry is HUGE in candle making. To ensure everything binds together & to achieve a strong scent, there are recommended temperatures (based on wax) to heat the wax to, to add the FO at, and to pour the wax at. This all will determine the results. You could end up with a scentless candle, a candle with poor glass adhesion, big sinkholes, etc. So, follow the recommended guidelines until you've mastered things, then tweak later on if necessary.

TESTING 1...2...3!

A huge MUST DO in candle making : TESTING before mass producing! Testing will allow you time to observe, tweak, and "perfect" your process. You can follow every step word for 

word and still end up with a defective candle that smells great before lighting it, and smells like nothing once it burns, and/or it could burn terribly, not stay lit or not burn at all. 

It also helps you get comfortable with your candle making and find your flow! 


Candle making, for me, is very therapeutic. I enjoy disconnecting from the world and getting lost in it! I've been making candles for almost three years and often find myself with imperfect candles. Like all new tasks and hobbies, mistakes will happen. They're inevitable, so take it with a grain of salt, note the error, LAUGH at yourself, and push forward. Don't let fear or failure stand in the way of finding joy in candle making!

AND remember...practice makes perfect!

Candle Making Resources

~ To learn the basics about candle making, and potentially making it a new hobby, check out our MAKER'S MANUALwhich  provides you with basic step-by-step instructions to get you started!

~ To learn more about becoming a CHANDLER (candle maker) and setting up a profitable candle making business, check out our ULTIMATE CANDLE MAKING BUSINESS GUIDE . This guide provides you with all the tools needed to set up your Candle Business! Includes: Maker's Manual, how to conduct a burn test, measurements, complete vendor lists, business set-up guides & links, etc.

1-on-1 Candle Making Business Class  This course includes a private, hands-on candle making lesson, with step by step instruction + two virtual coaching/mentor sessions + full (detailed) instruction manual + vendor packet + instructions on how to set up shop. You'll be provided all the tools & knowledge to successfully learn how to make candles + launch your candle business! 

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