Hey Big Head!

Hello, hello, hello lovelies! Kashay here!

How's everyone doing during this COVID-19 pandemic? Staying safe? Allowing yourself to BREATHE through all the chaos? Me, I'm hanging in there and trying to!

I try to be very transparent, and sometimes to a fault, so...here's the real. 


I know you all are probably wondering, "What the heck happened to Her and the relaunch?" HONEEEYYY, let's just say 2020 started off smooth...Working hard and preparing to reveal the new line + at the end of 2019 I found out that we were expecting twins!

Elated and anxious, eveything took a major turn when things shifted DRASTICALLY in week three!

During an ultra sound, the doctor was unable to find the twins' heartbeats...BLIGHTED OVUM, which resulted in weeks of repeated bloodwork, doctors visits, and anticipation for my body to physically pass the babies & "left over" tissue from the pregnancy...MISCARRIAGE.

Depression, anger, and grief came like a thief in the night, stealing every ounce of joy and creativity that I had within me. Can that happen? Apparently so! Two miscarraiges, in two years...losing a child, at any age, can take a toll on one's mental health. So Her by Kashay was no longer a priority. Grieving, then healing, became my only priorities, and I took an immediate leave of absence to face my pain.

You've heard of writer's block right? Well, I had creative's block. Complete SILENCE. No overflow of ideas, unable to form a sentence almost and everything was a trigger (including the home we'd lived in). TO BE HONEST, I wanted to throw Her away and dissappear...with no desire to find my way back. 

Fast forward to today, I'm still on this healing journey, able to channel my emotions in a positive manner, BUT I'm slowly finding my way back, and the fire that I once had for HER! Mixing and mastering some of your favorite scents, living in the present, and learning how to love me all over again!


Well, I can't really say, only time will tell. While, I'm not 100% there yet, I am closer than I was and working towards a full relaunch, as promised earlier this year. I'm hopeful and excited to figure it all out, but as a creative who is "senstive about my shit," I need  things to flow organically before I put them out there! 

So stay tuned and stay safe!

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