Benefits of Coconut Wax

We’ve had so many questions about our coconut wax! So…let’s talk about it!

Wax, as you know, is what creates the foundation of a candle. Without it, there would be no candle. There are many different types of wax, and while they all can be used to create nice candles, they do not all offer the same qualities.


What is coconut wax made from? It's made from the meaty part of the coconut. Later in the process, it's blended with other natural waxes to create the creamy wax used in all of our ultra-scented candles!

Does it smell like coconuts? Absolutely not. Before blended with other natural waxes, the coconut oil is refined to remove the coconut smell, and hydrogenated to increase the melting point.

Will the candle melt voluntarily in warm temperatures? No, the hydrogenated process is to avoid any 'liquefying' issues, because as you know regular coconut oil WILL melt in warmer temperatures. 

Will it effect those with nut allergies? No, coconut is not a botanical nut, and even though the FDA classifies it as a tree nut, it's actually a fruit! Because of that most people who are allergic to tree nuts can SAFELY experience coconut candles and all their glory!!


Well, let's just say because coconut wax is eco-friendly, using it results in a higher quality candle. They'll burn slower, cleaner, and the scent will throw EXTREMELY well bcause of it's natural properties.

As we mentioned before, there are many different types of waxes, however, none of them perform as well as coconut wax does. Which is why we’ve decided that coconut wax is the best for HER!

Let's face it, its the best out there period!

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